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CinergE Turned Life Around for Ivy the Horse

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

CinergE can be a lifesaver for horses. With the flick test, which is a muscle test, we can find where the animals are hurting. It is a way of dialoguing with your horse’s body through your hands.

I recently worked on a new horse that was very grumpy. Ivy had just moved into one of my favorite farms, a place where horses are truly loved by everyone. I was told to be careful because she was unpredictable. As I approached her, she pinned her ears at me and told me, “stay away, I will bite you!” As I got near her hind end, without warning she struck out at me. I asked for her to trust me and told her that I only wanted to help her. I wasn’t scared off; I held my ground with her.

I gently slid my hands over her tight body and I untied some very old knots. As I worked she became less defensive and started to relax. Ivy’s poor body was sore all over and her ribs were very tight and tender. No wonder she was so unhappy. Her eye softened and her feet remained on the ground. I kept telling her that we were going to help her to feel better. She had come with a lot of baggage, and we would help her to unpack it. I was with her for about an hour and by the end she knew I was a friend. She was so sore, so I made sure she would have time off to heal. We also checked her saddle and had a farrier come in to fix her feet.

Ivy was equally as upset about being ridden, groomed and getting on the trailer. I was worried that people had left their mark on her and that she may never trust us again. I finished my session with her and walked away with a heavy heart.

When I came back a few weeks later she physically felt so much better. As I walked down to her stall, her eyes were bright and excited to see me. She saw me as her friend, the feel good lady! She nickered for me when she heard my voice.

She was more trusting and was so relaxed as I worked on her, everyone commented on what a different horse she was. They had never seen her relax while being touched.

As I checked Ivy’s body, I found she had held on to a lot of work I had done, and she was so much more comfortable in her own skin. Her back was better with the saddle and pads being adjusted. Her feet were less sore and her attitude was night and day. She was cuddly to work on that day.

Ivy did so much better in her schooling program, and her people were so very proud of her. She had became a favored horse in her new barn and she went to horse shows and did great! She no longer bit or kicked. Ivy was a happy and proud horse, not a sore and cranky horse.

It takes a village to help a horse. If they are sore, they will get grumpy. I love teaching CinergE for horses. It is easy to help a horse with a sore back. Please look at my website for up and coming CinergE for Horses classes, until then happy trails!

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