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I have the best job teaching people how to care for their fur family members!


By utilizing the simple CinergE techniques, we can help our animals to live longer and happier lives. CinergE helps us to connect on a much deeper soul level with all creatures great and small.

The dictionary defines synergy as the combined or cooperative force, specifically in medicine. Cindy Brody defines CinergE as a unique combination of alternative body work treatments that encourage the body’s own healing power. CinergE incorporates an array of complementary therapies such as energy balancing, muscle testing, Reiki, acupressure, intuition and animal communication to help relieve a living being’s physical and mental stress, muscle tightness, and joint inflammation. Used together, these techniques unlock tension, promote healing, and boost the immune system.




Imagine if you could ask your pet questions. Through animal communication and CinergE techniques, Cindy can help you discover their answers!

Does your cat or dog seem depressed or nervous? Do they mark your favorite chair? Does your dog come when you call? Does your dog sit and bark at you? Do they sneak attack guests? Does your horse take off on you or won’t let you catch him? Is your cat grouchy and overweight?


Cindy loves helping everyone answer these questions, whether it be in the office or over the phone. She is a detective and helps to give you all the techniques you need to bust these behaviors. She loves unraveling mysteries and even more she loves helping to keep an animal in their forever homes.


Cindy also helps people through their animal’s wishes, when it is time to say goodbye. Through your animal’s words of wisdom, Cindy and you can help them go to the rainbow bridge with love and grace.


  • How does my animal’s body feel, is there any pain?

  • Are they happy with their food?

  • Is there anything they need?

  • What do they need to tell me about their lives?

  • Do they have insight for me?

  • Does my animal want a friend?

  • Is it time to say goodbye?


  • Does your saddle fit?

  • Are you in pain?

  • Do you like your job?

  • Do you have riding suggestions?

  • What can I do to make your life easier?



How to book a service appointment

Please email Cindy to indicate your service selection and any questions about the service you are interested in. Cindy looks forward to working with you!

ZOOM Classes Now Available

Fees are nonrefundable, but you can use the balance for a long-distance session. Payment is required to hold your place. You can pay by check, Venmo, or Facebook.

Private Office Visits

Cindy has people come with their dogs and cats from all over the Hudson Valley and beyond for her to see them in her West Hurley office, which is just outside of Woodstock, NY. (There are lots of pet friendly B&Bs!)

When visiting please bring your dog into the “dog house” on a leash, even if your dog is well trained. If your dog has a biting issue please bring a muzzle. Cindy is happy to help you, but nobody wants a frightened dog to hurt anyone.


Cats should be in a carrier, not on a leash. It is the safest way to transport a cat into a new environment.


Long Distance Communication Appointments

All long distance appointments can be prepaid before your appointment though PayPal using the menu below or you can send a check ten days before your appointment. (See Marketplace)


All Cindy needs to talk with your pet are recent photographs where she can clearly see their eyes. She loves photos so please be generous. For homes with multiple animals, please note that Cindy works with no more than 3 animals per hour-long session, this ensures everyone gets enough time to speak.

$200.00/ hour$125.00/ half hour

15 Minute Check In

Cindy offers a 15-minute check-in for people who have already had an appointment with her in the last 3 months and want a quick follow-up. All first-time clients are a half-hour minimum.


Home Visits

Home visits are available upon request for a small additional fee, but most visits are located in the office. These visits start at 10:00am with the last appointment no later than 5:30pm.  Home Visits range. Cindy loves helping her City friends. Please inquire about her next trip into the Big Apple!

From $150.00 per hour in Woodstock, NY to $175.00 in Saugerties, Kingston and Rhinebeck. Germantown and Hudson visits are $200.00. NYC visits are $225.00



How to register and book a class

Please email Cindy to indicate your class selection and any questions about the class you are interested in. A $100 deposit is needed to hold your spot in any one class. We hope you can join us, and that you will be moved to share this with your family and friends. Thank you!

Developing Intuition & Animal Communication 1 / ZOOM CLass

We will start this class by learning basic energy healing for people and animals. It's the way I learned to talk to animals. The energy in my hands has always been my greatest gift.  I have gained the trust and love of thousands of animals all over the world by sharing or sending a loving touch, from my heart to my clients. Through my compassion, I help animals to heal, mind, body and soul. The energy work helps us to develop our intuition. If our hands can talk to their bodies, we can hear their voices.


I will teach you the basics of animal communication by sharing with you some very basic skills. We will be working from photos, which is the easiest way to learn. We will all learn from each other as we learn to talk to the animals and to trust our gut feelings, our intuition. This class has been life-changing for so many people who I have taught over the last 25 years.

Developing Intuition and Animal Communication is taught in 3 segments on ZOOM. I will send you the ZOOM links for all 3 classes once you register. January 7, 6-9 PM and January 8, 11 AM – 4 PM (2 days)


Developing Intuition & Animal Communication 2 / ZOOM CLass

This class helps to redefine the skills you've learned in Developing Intuition and Animal Communication 1. We will focus on long-distance healing and reading animals who are living and passed.


December 3, 6-9 PM and December 4, 11 AM -4 PM (2 days). $175.00

Reiki Classes

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. It involves the channeling of universal life-force energy. There are many stories of the origin of Reiki, but it is expected that it is an ancient healing system that uses healing symbols that are thought to have originated from Tibet, China and some have even speculated India.


I teach all levels of Reiki, which will help you to incorporate all the components of CinergE. It helps to boost your intuition and helps you to channel and send Reiki long distance. With a level 1 attunement, you learn to treat yourself and all others! The Reiki classes are a day and a half, with the exception of the Master class that is 2 full days. Register Here by clicking Deposit in the drop-down menu under clinics.


How is Reiki taught? When learning Reiki the students go through a series of attunements. There are 3 levels of Reiki and each level is taught in a different class.

Reiki 1 & 2

Location: Woodstock. I'm now teaching the 2 levels in the same class. It is very important for everyone who is interested to get their skills up and running. We have the ability to help others, it's time to act on our abilities to help ourselves and others. Questions? Please email me at

$275.00 May 14th & 15th

I will be teaching a Reiki Master Class and a Developing Animal Communication Zoom class this summer, so keep checking back for more information.

Reiki 1 & 2 / ZOOM Class

You will learn how Reiki helps to boost your healing abilities. We will focus on healing everyone in your house, from fur babies, to 2-legged children, yourself, your partner, and your extended family. 

Dates To Be Announced.

Reiki 1 Intensive Class

Reiki 1 is an ancient healing modality is one of Cindy’s favorite classes to teach. It helps us all to heal others with a simple light touch. You will learn the history of Reiki. Cindy opens up your chakras through an energetic attunement, to help you to receive this wonderful energy. There is very little to learn. Everyone has the ability to channel energy. 

Dates To Be Announced.

Reiki 2 Intensive Class

The Reiki 2 class teaches you the first three ancient healing symbols and what they are used for. You will learn how to send energy long distance. Reiki 2 will increase your ability to channel energy and grow your intuition. This is an evening and one day class.

Dates To Be Announced.

Reiki 3 Class

This 3rd level master class increases your ability to channel energy. You learn how to attune others and learn the Reiki Master symbol. After the attunements and some practice students will be able to pass on the Reiki attunements to others. Cindy loves attuning her students to Reiki. The connection with the healing energy can be life transforming. She has had students change their career path so that they could devote their lives to energy work. This is a two-day class.

Dates To Be Announced.

Reiki Master Review

The Reiki Master Review class is for anyone with a Reiki Master attunement that wants to learn how more about giving Reiki attunements. Cindy will share marketing strategies for developing a Reiki practice. The class will work with each other sharing Reiki and Mastering the Reiki Master. This is a one-day class.

Dates To Be Announced.

Reiki Share and Potluck

Reiki students and practitioners will come together to share Reiki. We will work with 3 practitioners to 1 person and take turns treating each other with Reiki. By sharing energy, we help each other to feel better and build this amazing healing energy and circle of light. Students get to practice what they have learned and be in community with other reiki students and practitioners. Bring a dish to share after the healing circle. After this first gathering, the idea is to get together again in 6-8 weeks and this time open up the reiki healing circle to the community. 2-5 pm, days to be determined. If you would like to learn more, please email us here. 

Dates To Be Announced.

Mastermind Reiki Master

So you’re a Reiki Master and you’re ready to start to do attunements, but need a refresher. Come to this one-day intensive and share your stories and get a refresher on giving attunements! You will learn the building blocks of CinergE and how to help your horses by identifying and treating their pain. You will learn basic light energetic touches that you will be able to use on all living creatures. You will become even more popular than you already are! You will learn to quiet your mind and facilitate healing for both your horse and yourself. You will use this same information that I share for your dog’s comfort! We will go over saddle fitting and look at your horse’s feet. There is a manual for this class.


This is a two-day class that can be broken up into three nights.

Dates To Be Announced.

Developing Intuition and Animal Communication Class

Location: Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY. It is a beautiful retreat center, and it's going to be a great weekend. I'm so excited to be teaching this class in person. We will be learning together as I share my work with you. I know it is time to teach as many of you as I can. The animals need us. Cherry Valley is very close to Cooperstown. The facility is gorgeous! It is an absolutely beautiful place to learn how to communicate with animals. I will also be teaching Energy Balancing for Animals and their people, CinergE.

June 24th & 25th

Advanced Developing Animal Communication

This class is for people who have studied with me in the past and want to hone their skills. 

May 21st, 1 -5 pm. $175.

"So you want to start your own Healing and Animal Communication Practice"

This class is for people who feel they want to start their own practices. I will share the best ways to get started. The animal communication/ healing field is growing. If you are interested in someday having your own business, now is the time. The world needs us!

June 4th, 1 -4 pm

Developing Intuition & Animal Communication

Developing Intuition and Animal Communication class is a one-and-a-half day class. From photos, you’ll learn to read animals that are living and crossed over. This class gives you all the basics of animal communication and teaches you to trust your inner voice. When you open up your intuition to animals they will notice and your relationships will grow. This class is limited to ten people. We all learn from each other and this is an eye-opening experience into animal communication and healing.  

In-Person Classes, Dates To Be Announced.

CinergE Happy Dog Therapy Clinic

This is a class for well-socialized dogs who get along well with others and already have basic obedience skills. It will be a day of fun and games, and working on developing a strong recall for your dog. You will learn simple techniques which include sending your love through the leash to your dog, how to quiet an excited dog with animal communication, and very simple to learn techniques. Limited to 10 people and their dogs, we will start the class by learning basic hands-on CinergE techniques. This is an ON-LEASH class. Please bring a leash and bowls for food and water. 

In-Person Classes, Dates To Be Announced.

CinergE for Dogs: A 3 part evening series

1. Reiki for Dogs
2. CinergE for Dogs/muscle testing
3. Intro to Animal Communication. The class is limited to 12 people, and all dogs must be socialized and leashed.

In-Person Classes, Dates To Be Announced.

Each class is $75.00 or $210.00 for all 3 classes.

CinergE for Horses

Horse people often miss that their horses are hurting; they think that their horse’s behavior is the cause of their misbehaving. This is not always the truth! CinergE for horses is one of my favorite classes to teach. By utilizing a light touch and lots of easy energetic touches, we release physical and emotional tension. The horses are so sensitive and very responsive, so beautifully encouraging to learn more. Cindy has been working with horses for over 25 years and she has treated thousands of them all over the country. CinergE can help to find tension before it becomes an injury. It helps to release inflammation and heal painful backs. In-Person Classes, Dates To Be Announced.

Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5, $300.

Mastermind Animal Communication Class

This class is for anyone who has studied Animal Communication and would like to refine their skills. We all learn from each other, and by sharing our personal experiences, we create community and continue to go grow our skills.

In-Person Classes, Dates To Be Announced.

11am -5pm $125.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that class deposits and gift certificates are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a class, you may apply your deposit towards a private session or retain the deposit for a future class. Deposits and gift certificates will remain valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Please allow at least 7 days’ notice if you are unable to attend a clinic so we may plan accordingly. If you don’t attend a clinic you have signed up for, and have not notified Cindy via phone or email, you will forfeit your deposit.  If classes are under-enrolled with less than 4 people, they will be postponed and notice will be given at least 7 days prior to the start of class. By signing up for a class, you are taking responsibility for your deposit and you will email us at within one year of purchase if you wish to schedule an appointment or receive a refund. Note that Cindy’s private session rates may increase, and you are responsible for any balance after your credit has been applied.

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