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Gratitude and Understanding make better relationships with our pets (and each other)

This beautiful sharing of gratitude came from a Reiki One and Animal Communication November 2023 participant who is going to continue on with our advanced courses.

white lab with a plaid scarf sitting on a white couch
Happy Jack!

Good Morning Cindy & Gisela,

Words can NOT express how grateful I am for being able to experience this amazing class ! It has truly changed my life and outlook on so many things ! The love was so pure and unconditional!

I am so excited to continue this journey with you all and will make any weekend you choose available  I know through this training I will be able to heal 2 and 4 legged hearts  

My relationship with my doggie Jack is already so much more intense, as he knows I understand him now …A gift that sweet Zula helped me to recognize so deeply along with Cindy’s gift, training and confidence, of course.  

Gisela, thank you for your immense gratitude and love  It is unmatched! And sharing your home and beautiful animals with us

All love! —CM

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming courses, please check out my Classes & Services page or contact me.

white and brown husky dog with blue eyes lying on a blue blanket
Zula at the Reiki One and Animal Communication Class, November 2023

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