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Lulu - Devoted Creative Genius

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Weaver of love, beauty, and healing

Lulu is a beautiful Norwich Terrier. She and her family have been regular members of my practice for many years. She is a wise dog, an Angel. She always knows what’s best for her people.

This summer when I visited Lulu she was so excited, as always, to share her thoughts on Staci and Craig.

Staci and Craig had just come back from a long trip helping to take care of Staci’s ailing father. Lulu shared about how difficult these trips were for her family. Every time they go, they fear it may be the last time they will see Staci’s father.

Staci’s father miraculously holds on by the grace of God.

It’s never easy to see your loved one slipping away. It’s never easy when all you want to do is help to alleviate suffering but you can’t. They are a strong and loving family, but losing the patriarch is heartbreaking for everyone.

On this beautiful day, Lulu reported that Staci had walked away from her art. Craig, too, was feeling uninspired. The trips were wearing them down.

Staci and Craig agreed. Since the isolation of covid and the trips to see Staci’s dad, they had no energy for the passion that had sustained them as individuals and as partners.

I looked at these two truly amazingly gifted and creative people. I could feel their fatigue. They were so emotionally exhausted they had no inspiration left to create.

As we settled in, Lulu then looked into my eyes. She told me to tell Staci to weave her photos. I had no idea what that meant. Her communication was through words. So often animals show me through pictures, I call them snap shots. Today, Lulu had words with no explanations.

I dutifully relayed Lulu’s message. Staci said, “What does that mean?” I told her I wasn’t sure. Lulu looked at us and jumped off the couch where she had been holding her court. She went to her bed under the dining room table with her butt sticking out toward us.

The great Lulu had spoken!

We sat there and pondered the possibilities of Lulu’s advice. Over the years, every reading had been quite insightful. This one was no different.

As I left I wasn’t sure where Staci would take this concept of weaving pictures. From Lulu’s heart to Staci’s soul, the message had been delivered.

Two months later, Staci reached out for another appointment. She was sounding better and I looked forward to seeing Staci and Craig not just coming off of an emotional trip.

As I pulled into the driveway I could feel a shift in the energy. It was a beautiful day. Their property, always beautiful, had more life! It felt sparkly.

Staci opened the door with a big smile and let me in. I was welcomed into her studio. As I looked at the wall to my left it was filled with framed photo weavings! It literally took my breath away.

There were dogs, cats, flowers, tapestries and people. The weavings were colorful. Some were whimsical. Others were jaw dropping gorgeous! They were all so special I didn’t want to leave them. They told stories of love, and each weaving was so intricate.

I almost cried. I was so taken by the project!

When I turned to Staci and Craig I could feel their energy. They were literally turned on! They were happy and excited.

Together they had taken Lulu’s wisdom and created an amazing new collection!

When we sat down with Lulu, she had so many marketing ideas for sharing these beautiful works of art with other animal lovers! Lulu’s suggestions for sharing these beautiful weavings are in the works!

Staci made the weavings and Craig created a catalog and beautiful gift cards to help market the weavings.

Staci did a weaving of my beloved Matilda. She captured my girl. I’m so in love with the work I decided I had to share it with you.

These weavings make great gifts and a percentage of the proceeds will help Saugerties Animal Shelter to build a new facility.

Please check out Staci’s and Craig’s website Broken Beauty.

Tell them Lulu sent you!

Staci and Craig report since that inspired meeting with Lulu this summer, they have been “happy makers.” Since I last saw them, Craig has gotten his paintings and photography on the website, as well!

The positive impact from that day with Lulu continues to ripple out into the world as Staci and Craig have regained their vibrant joy and their excitement for creating art. What blessings!

~ ~ ~ ~

Everyone can communicate with their animals. Want to learn more about speaking with your beloved pet? Check out my Classes and Services and contact me today!


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