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The Secret Language of Pets: Animal Communication Explained

Psychic Medium Adam Bernstein from The Medium Channel Interviewed Me about Animal Communication - Spring 2023

It was my pleasure and joy to be interviewed by psychic medium Adam Bernstein on his youtube live at The Medium Channel! I love talking about our beloved pets and how they are here to teach us how to open our hearts to love.

Watch this video from last spring!

To see more of Adam's work, visit him at Between the Worlds.

So much has happened in the last year, I'm looking forward to what this next year brings!

Since this interview, I will be teaching more classes and have expanded where I will be teaching them. Everyone can learn how to communicate with their animals.

Communicating with your animals makes the world a better place!

Thanks for reading and watching!

~ ~ ~ ~

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and on youtube @cindybrody


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